U9 Match report 8th Dec 2018

Eagles putting it all together
We’ve never been short of hits and runs and today was no different. But what was the most pleasing to see today was the progress we’re making in defence/fielding. For the first time this season we retired the opposition in all 3 innings by getting the 3 outs. Oliver lead the way in the 1st inning by looking like a genuine catcher, crouched down, gloving strikes like nobody’s business. Fantastic effort Ollie. He was followed by Austin and Knox who know the job is to stop the ball by any means possible. Use the helmet, sit on it, Put your butt in front of it. Whatever it takes. Strong efforts guys. We nearly secured our first 3 up 3 down inning in the 1st with Chase solid as a rock at 1st taking it cleanly from Hamish and Austin’s throws for the outs. Caity was next at 1st base and she took 2 outs of her own in similar style, even fielding a shot down the 1st baseline that looked like it was going foul before she snapped it up.  We’re starting to play some real baseball which is brilliant.
Every batter registered hits today and moved the runners around perfectly. Hamish crushed his first of 2 home runs in the 1st inning bringing in 3 runs and then cleared the bases in the 2nd inning with our first GRAND SLAM!!!! Seeing it like beach balls from the machine Hamish ripped a shot through Left Field that saw all runners score and Hamish over home plate before the ball was even fielded. Great hitting Hamish.
Great also to have Clark back with us and showed he has lost no skills in his time off.
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U9 Match Report – 1st Dec 2018

U9 we’re back to full strength bar 1 and the players returning to the squad showed how much they’d missed the sweet sound of balls crushing off of bats. Another fantastic display of hitting by everyone. Hamish notched another 3 run Home Run and a couple of doubles. Knox hit for 3 rbi with big singles and a double. Gavin hit our first triple that only some strong fielding stopped him converting into a run but scored from the next play anyway.
Caity got a sweet rip from the machine in a line drive down 3rd base line. Jackson. Chase and Oliver all getting on base consistently with Jackson going 3 for 3 from the machine. It’s great to see everyone improving so rapidly.
Thoughts go out to Clark who has been battling an ear infection and we hope we can have him back at training and playing soon.
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U9 Match Report – 24 Nov 2018

Tballers to the rescue
A great, tight fought win for U9s this weekend. With 4 regulars unable to take the field we had to call on some of the young guns from the Tball team to help us out. And help us out they did. Fantastic effort to step up in age group from Grand Slam Cam, Benny MacDonald, Iorwerth Evans and Xavier Hansen. Every Tballer registered at least 1 hit and impressively showed they’re ready for Machine Pitch by getting hits from the machine too. Iorwerth and Xavier had their first taste of behind the plate action also and bravely donned the catchers gear for an inning each. A great effort from all and we thank them for their help.
Jackson Corcoran had a huge day in the field gloving everything that came his way and effecting perfect throws to 1st for the outs assisted by Chase. Austin took a great catch at 3rd base and with quick thinking was nearly able to get the double play as the runner was slow to tag up back at 1st. Knox and Oliver were again our lead off batters and are scoring runs every week with good hits from the machine and soft toss and advancing around the bases. Chase showed his love of a run down tag out by racing after his base runner late in the game proving too quick for his prey. A great win.
Again special thanks to the parents, coach and tballers for helping us out.


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Eagles U9 Match Wrap – 17th Nov 2018

Another fantastic batting effort from the entire team. Every batter got 2 or 3 hits each which is so good to see. It was going to be a tough game to win with only 7 players meaning we were 2 batters short each inning but we still had a great day out with the bat.
We fielded well and will continue to improve there, once we can have a training session or 2 and not be interrupted by crappy weather.
I’m extremely pleased that we had 3 brand new catchers step up this week. Jackson, Knox and Chase all stepped into the gear this week and were all excellent behind the plate. Its a nice spot for a coach to be in to have too many players wanting to play catcher so I’m very glad to have 3 more options to choose from.
Caity Hamilton was fantastic in the field this week especially in the 3rd inning when playing Short Stop. She stopped some absolute rockets from getting through the In-Field and combined brilliantly with Chase at Home Plate to record our 1st ever Double Play, tagging out two base runners before they could score.
Another great game, played in good spirits by both sides.
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U9 Match Report – 10th Nov 2018

Eagles bats were booming

An absolutely outstanding batting display from everyone today. If we keep hitting like that every week we will win a
lot of games. We batted right through our line up nearly 3 times with only some sharp fielding from the Vikings 1st baseman
in the 3rd inning denying only Clark and Oliver a 3rd at bat. Knox lead the way each inning as a great lead off batter showing the rest of the team how to do it. And what might have been a world first statistic in any scorers books going up against his own Mum pitching. Thanks for the help Amy. Jackson Corcoran with a huge effort with the bat today getting plenty of hits and scoring runs. Chase joined the Home Run club with a belter of a hit over Centre Field that brought in 2 runners and himself for a 3 run homer.
Gutsy efforts again behind the plate from Gavin, Austin and Hamish. It’s the toughest job on the field playing catcher so to get in and put your body in front of the ball pitch after pitch takes tremendous courage and I take my hat off to anyone that has a go.

Great win today team.

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U9 Match Report – 3/11/2018

Another great outing for the Eagles Under 9’s with some awesome plays in today’s game.
We had not only our 1st but also our 2nd home run for the season, the 1st was hit by Austin Tunningley and then Gavin Cunnar to
finish the game. Caity Hamilton got 2 great hits from 2 at bats, Hamish MacGregor making a stand up double a regular stat
which is impressive. Oliver Black was outstanding as opening catcher and was followed brilliantly by Clark Ware and Hamish.
Jackson Corcoran worked hard all day in the field but was unlucky with the bat today. Chase Carmody showed soft hands at 2nd base and beat the runner
on successive plays assisted by Gavin.
We didn’t come away with a win today but everybody is improving every week which is great to see.


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U9 Game 1 Match Report – 20/10/2018

Fantastic game today for our first match and for some their first ever go at a competitive sport.

We got through out batting order at least 3 times I believe and every player registered at least 1 hit and 1 run. I couldn’t be happier with the batting with many hits coming from the machine but also we got quite a few from the last chance soft toss. Hamish McGregor showed the way with a 2 RBI stand up double late in the game. Gavin Cunnar, Austin Tunningley and Jackson Corcoran were brave behind the plate using the protective catchers gear for it’s intended purpose. Chase Carmody showing that we have a potential future pitcher with some huge throws to 1st base. A great game from all and a perfect way for a coach to spend his first game that also fell on his birthday, coming home with a 9-3 win.


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