Eagles U11 Match Report – 27 Oct 2018

Well week 2 and the Eagles played the Indians (a last season Grand Final rematch). The boys all put in a big effort but the result didn’t truly reflect these efforts. The game was played over three innings with the final score being a 13-0 win to the Indians.

As the home team, the Eagles took the field for our first full player pitch game (usually  a 5 game machine pitch start). Dominic Hamilton opened the pitching for his first ever match pitching assignment and pitched well. Dustan Evans also stepped up as a debut catcher. The Indians got a couple of hits and walks and due to some over enthusiastic overthrows; the Indians stole a couple of bases, finishing with 6 runs. The Eagles also got hits and 1 walk but ended the innings with runners stranded on 2nd and 3rd.  Score 6-0

In the second innings the fielding tightened up and although some stealing continued, the team continued to learn the game craft of Baseball. With Dom reaching his maximum pitch count, we debuted another pitcher – Jai Sonee. The Indians scored another 4 runs and again the Eagles got bat on ball but again left runners on 2nd and 3rd.  Score 10-0

The 3rd Innings saw Harry Taylor fill the catching spot for his first time, Jai reach his pitch count, and the debut of our 3rd new pitcher Asher Ballhause. The Indians had 3 runs and runners on 1st and 2nd when Asher claimed his first Strike Out ending their innings. Unfortunately we did not manage to get on base in the 3rd but all players went down swinging. Score 13-0

In the final wash-up, we had 3 first time pitchers and 2 first time catchers. We got 4 hits and 1 walk and all other batters went down swinging. Dom finished with 3 Strike-outs, Jai got 5 strike-outs and Asher finished with 1. All players played in positions they had never played and learnt some more about the game. The boys are improving each week and I am so proud of their effort; well done boys. Jai Sonee picked up player of the Match.

Thanks Mark Ballhause (Coach)

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Eagles U11 Match Report – 20 Oct 2018

The U11 Eagles played the Bears on Saturday and with a brand new lineup that included five returning players, 1 players coming up in age and five debutants (D) (not just to the club but to the sport) we started the season with a 6-3 victory….well done team.

The eagles opened the 1st innings with the first two batters, Harry Taylor and Finn MacDonald  getting on base. Unfortunately the next three batters were not able to bring them home. Due to some excellent team fielding we kept the Bears also to zero. Score 0-0

The 2nd innings was a big one for the Eagles, with all but 2 of our 11 players taking a turn at the plate; resulting in 6 hits, Dominic Hamilton, Xander Brooks (D), Manny Carmody (D) Jai Sonee, Dustan Evans (D) and Harry Taylor (2nd hit) and 5 runs. Dustan’s hit was the biggest of the game from either team, a debut – first time at the plate, Home Run that also brought in two of his team mates. The Bears got a couple of hits and managed to bring one runner home again due to excellent team fielding. Score 5-1

The 3rd innings started like the 2nd, with Noah Hannaford and Asher Ballhause both getting hits and then a double from Dominic Hamilton (2nd hit) bringing in the first runner. With runners on 2nd and 3rd and only 1 out there was hope for another big innings but it finished without the runners advancing. The Bears managed to bring 2 runners home in the 3rd. Score 6-3.

The 4th innings was again a non-scoring innings for both teams but did see hits from Jai Sonee (2nd hit) and Dylan Gibson (D). This was the last scoring innings of the game, however as it was the first game of the season and there was still 10 mins before the end of play; both teams agreed to playing a non-scored 5th with each team getting 5 mins to bat to give everyone as much game time as possible. It was in this inning that Finn Pepar (D) crushed a fly ball down the 3rd base line that would have equaled or bettered Dustan’s ball from the 2nd; but it landed just fowl.

Overall a great first game from all the players and played in a great positive spirit; I was really proud of you all. Here is to a great season ahead.

Mark Ballhause

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