T-Ball Match Report – 17th Nov 2018

This week saw the Baby Birds take on the Weston Creek Indians in a memorable match some commentators are now referring to as the ‘Wonder in Narrabundah’.

The Eagles came out swinging early with all nine players reaching base with some solid hitting right through the line-up.  Iorwerth continued to swing a hot bat, picking up another couple of homeruns to add to his season tally.  Xavier’s batting practice has really paid off as he had some outstanding at-bats, and Charlotte showed excellent speed on the base paths.

Levi played a great game this week and really impressed the coach and fans with his hustle, particularly when he ran off after getting out at third, showing players on both sides how to play the game. Defensively, Lily and Cam teamed up to make some terrific plays and recorded several outs, and Reuben was brilliant in the field apart from the time he couldn’t find his glove (it was on his head).

At question time after the game Chase again took the opportunity to remind everyone not to fight over the ball, which is fast becoming the team motto.  Coach Chris pointed out that we need to work on making sure we all get out into the field and play our positions every inning, even if we’re not feeling up to it.  Remember – great teams play for each other, and this Eagles tee-ball side is a great team!

Next week we take on the Bandits in a grudge match that is sure to entertain.  Hope to see you there!


T-Ball Match Report – 3rd Nov 2018

This week saw the Eagles took on the Bandits in an epic battle of two tee-ball powerhouses.  Like last week, the opposition was down a player and when the Eagles kids were asked if anyone was willing to help them out, Lily was the first to put her hand up and volunteer.  Lily did a terrific job playing for the Bandits, and did our club proud by showing everyone what Eagles baseball is all about.  Well done Lily!
There was some great defence by the Eagles, and it is encouraging to see just how much the team is improving with each week.  Cameron was everywhere in the field and made some great plays at shortstop and as pitcher.  We also swung the bats well again, with everybody making solid contact with the ball.  In particular, Charlotte had some terrific hits in each of her at-bats, and Iorwerth showed his power at the plate with a homerun past centerfield.
Our baserunning was also strong this week with Chase showing off his speed on the basepaths. The novelty ‘squeaky’ bases definitely helped by adding some extra incentive for the kids, who loved jumping up and down on second and third base to make as much noise as possible – something we all appreciated so early on a Saturday morning.
Finally, a big thank you to all the friends and family that continue to turn out and cheer on the team each week.  It’s terrific to see such support, and says wonderful things about the playing group and community that is developing this season.
Go Baby Birds!

T-Ball Game 1 Match Report – 27/10/2018

This week saw the Eagles tee-ballers take on the Weston Creek Indians in a local derby that lived up to the pre-match hype.  Before the game, the coach of the Indians let us know that they were a player short, and as the Eagles had ten players, Benny agreed to play for the Indians.  After the game, Coach Chris thanked Benny and he received a round of applause from his teammates.  Benny made sure he let them all know that he’s still an Eagle at heart, no matter where he plays.
During the game, the Eagles played some terrific defence, and the kids did much better at playing their positions rather than all racing towards the ball.  Lily and Xavier made some great plays in the field, and the hustle award this week goes to Chase who lived up to his name by chasing the ball all over the park with great enthusiasm.

While everyone hit the ball well, the standouts this week were Iorwerth, Levi, Reuben, Charlotte, and Archie who all had terrific hits in each of their plate appearances. Finally, a special mention for ‘Grand Slam’ Cam, who cleared the bases with each of his three homeruns and took home the ‘best on ground’ award for the day.

It was impressive to see the kids learn to hold their positions in the field, and when Coach Chris asked if there were any questions after the game, not one but three players said that ‘we don’t fight over the ball’.  While more statements than questions, it still showed that the kids are listening to their Coach and working hard to improve their game.
Go baby birds!

T-Ball Game 1 Match Report – 20/10/2018

The Eagles tee-ballers opened their 2018/19 season with a terrific game against the Bears on Saturday morning.  For many players this was their first ever baseball game, however these fresh-faced rookies were helped by the more experienced veterans in the team who were now into their second season with the birds.

Despite the overwhelming spectacle of opening day, the team showed no signs of nerves and came out swinging against a well-drilled Bears outfit. Everyone hit superbly, with standout batting performances by Cameron, Charlotte, Reuben, Levi, Iorwerth, Xavier and Archie.  The Eagles were also solid in defence, with some terrific plays in the field by Lily, Benny and Chase.

Most importantly the kids all had big smiles on their faces, played the game in good spirits, and listened to Coach Chris’ call to hustle and have fun on the diamond. They also provided plenty of entertainment for the many family members and friends that came out in support, reminding us all how enjoyable this great game can be.

It’s looking like it will be a terrific season for the Eagles tee-ballers, and we’re looking forward to watching the team develop over the course of the season.  Go baby-birds!