Senior Players Umpire roster 19-20

Please find yourself in the attached roster and check your availability for your rostered days. 

If you are not available it is up to you to organise a swap. Each coach has this roster and will advise if someone does not show up to umpire and the rostered umpire will be benched for that weekends seniors game. 

Replying to the email or posting in Kambah Seniors group to say you’re not available is not enough. You need to name your replacement if swapping. 

It’s a small contribution to help us through the season. Please assist and ensure your shift is covered one way or another.  


Eagles Baseball

Eagles Umpire Duty 2019 – 2020  Season

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade players to umpire u11, u13, u15 & u18 games

It is your responsibility to attend OR arrange your OWN replacement. Failure to do this : you will be benched for 1 game.

DateGameLocation Arrival TimePlateLine
13th OctoberWomensNarrabundah #10514:45Stuart Tharle 
26th Octoberu11 LL MinorNarrabundah #1028:45Sean Luskey 
 u15 Junior LeagueKambah8:30James LeeAntony Lee
 u18 ColtsKambah10:45Cody MendhamAdam Higgins
 4th Grade SeniorsKambah13:00Brenton McMahon-grameOlivia De Gruchy
 3rd Grade SeniorsKambah15:15Jisoo Yang (Sam) Jaydon O’Donoghue
2nd Novemberu13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10710:15Chris Petherbridge 
9th Novemberu11 LL MinorNarrabundah #1068:45Adam Higgins 
 u13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10610:15Ryan Oshyer 
 u15 Junior LeagueKambah8:30James LeeAntony Lee
u18 ColtsKambah10:45Ryan MoxonGreg Moxon
 4th Grade SeniorsKambah13:00Nicholas FisherSamuel Brunswick
 3rd Grade SeniorsKambah15:15Jingi SeongYonghyeon Jeong (Johnny)
16th Novemberu13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10710:15Mark JardineJamie Monaghan
 u15 Junior LeagueKambah8:30Matt McGuireHamish McGuire
 3rd Grade SeniorsKambah15:15Sungnahm Jang (Robin)SeolBin Kim (Bean)
20th November – (WEDNESDAY)u15 Junior LeagueKambah17:15Tristan HawkinsAlice Fisher
23rd Novemberu11 LL MinorNarrabundah #1068:45Mark Jardine 
 u13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10210:15Caleb DruhanBianca Cotter
 u15 Junior LeagueKambah7:45Matt McGuireHamish McGuire
 u18 ColtsKambah10:45Brenton McMahon-grameAlison Heycox
 4th Grade SeniorsKambah13:00Nicholas FisherJacob Gillespie
 3rd Grade SeniorsKambah15:15Jisoo Yang (Sam) Claire De Gruchy
27th November – (WEDNESDAY)u13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10217:15Dean SwinneyGuy Jarasius
30th Novemberu13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10210:15Sean Luskey 
7th Decemberu11 LL MinorNarrabundah #1068:45Tony Pecovnik 
 u13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10710:15Alison HeycoxRachael Reid
 u15 Junior LeagueKambah8:30Ryan OshyerDavid Tate
 u18 ColtsKambah10:45Ryan MoxonGreg Moxon
 4th Grade SeniorsKambah13:00Lucas FairhallDean Swinney
 3rd Grade SeniorsKambah15:15Sungnahm Jang (Robin)SeolBin Kim (Bean)
12th December – (THURSDAY)u13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10217:15Ryan SaundersJessica Bennett
14th Decemberu13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10610:15Brad Scott 
18th December – (WEDNESDAY)u15 Junior LeagueKambah17:15Ulysses MavrogenesGeorge Tharle
21st Decemberu11 LL MinorNarrabundah #1068:45David Tate 
 u13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10710:15Rachael ReidNatalie Gallagher
8th Februaryu13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10210:15Jamie MonaghanJessica Bennett
 u15 Junior LeagueKambah8:30Chris PetherbridgeCaleb Druhan
 u18 ColtsKambah10:45Brent OwenAlice Fisher
 4th Grade SeniorsKambah13:00Lucas FairhallSamuel Brunswick
 3rd Grade SeniorsKambah15:15Jingi SeongYonghyeon Jeong (Johnny)
15th Februaryu11 LL MinorNarrabundah #1068:45David Tate 
 u13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10710:15Brad ScottGuy Jarasius
 u15 Junior LeagueKambah8:30Ulysses MavrogenesJacob Gillespie
 3rd Grade SeniorsKambah15:15Sam McDonoughRohan McDonough
19th February – (WEDNESDAY) u15 Junior LeagueKambah17:15Tristan HawkinsJaydon O’Donoghue
22nd Februaryu13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10610:15Olivia De GruchyNatalie Gallagher
 u15 Junior LeagueKambah7:45Cody MendhamBianca Cotter
 u18 ColtsKambah10:45Brent OwenRyan Saunders
 4th Grade SeniorsKambah13:00Stuart TharleGeorge Tharle
 3rd Grade SeniorsKambah15:15Sam McDonoughRohan McDonough
29th Februaryu11 LL MinorNarrabundah #1068:45Tony Pecovnik 
 u13 LL MajorNarrabundah #10710:15Claire De GruchyGeorgia De Gruchy

1st Import for 2019/20 season

Announcement this week was the signing of our 1st import for the season with Head Coach AJ working tirelessly to secure a 2nd.

Our newest member will be joining us from California where he has Independent baseball experience along with playing in Mexico and South Victoria. In 2017 Phillip was a member of the South Gippsland Miners & the Boneo Braves where he hit a .405 batting avg for the Miners & .285 for the Braves while leading both teams in stolen bases. The kids got wheels and plenty of pop and we look forward to having Phillip join us all the way from The US.

Let’s make him feel welcome!

Head Coach Announcement

Eagles would like to congratulate and welcome Nathan “Ayjay” Allen-Jones to the Head Coaches role for 2019/2020.

Ayjay brings a wealth of baseball experience, nouse and a cool head to the on-field leadership of our great club! Let’s get behind him!! Ayjay Jones

Word from the Head Coach

Thanks very much for the honour. I’m excited in having the opportunity to pass some of what I’ve learned over my 20+ years in baseball to the next generation of players. My baseball background consists of predominately New South Wales Major League first grade, multiple age state representation, Institute of Sport and Australian Provincial.

I am very passionate about the game, the process of developing player skills, bonding a strong and united team/club, and developing good work ethic during practices and games. It is my belief that as the coach it is my role to ensure that all of this can be achieved while having fun along the way.

If at any time anyone needs anything else you can reach me via Eagles Email initially

Thank you all and here’s to a successful 2019/2020 season.

Cheers Aj