3rd Grade- end of season game 2018-19

Great game 3rd grade! I couldnt be more proud of all of you! You all showed a lot of heart and every one of you left everything on the field. Its been such a great season, full of laughs and some good baseball. I cant think of a better team to be a part of, let alone Coach! That goes for everyone who helped us throughout the season too. This is truley a team that many of us will be remembering for years to come as a team of legends!

Great win today Legends of 3rd Grade! There will be many stories told about you all for many years to come!

17 – 1 for those of you who were unable to see the magic happen. Oh and Tony Pecovnik got on 2 out of 3 at bats and scored both times with some awesome base running! I couldnt hold him back even if i tried. There will be a spot for you when ever you want to join in Tony! Thank you!