U9 Match report 8th Dec 2018

Eagles putting it all together
We’ve never been short of hits and runs and today was no different. But what was the most pleasing to see today was the progress we’re making in defence/fielding. For the first time this season we retired the opposition in all 3 innings by getting the 3 outs. Oliver lead the way in the 1st inning by looking like a genuine catcher, crouched down, gloving strikes like nobody’s business. Fantastic effort Ollie. He was followed by Austin and Knox who know the job is to stop the ball by any means possible. Use the helmet, sit on it, Put your butt in front of it. Whatever it takes. Strong efforts guys. We nearly secured our first 3 up 3 down inning in the 1st with Chase solid as a rock at 1st taking it cleanly from Hamish and Austin’s throws for the outs. Caity was next at 1st base and she took 2 outs of her own in similar style, even fielding a shot down the 1st baseline that looked like it was going foul before she snapped it up.  We’re starting to play some real baseball which is brilliant.
Every batter registered hits today and moved the runners around perfectly. Hamish crushed his first of 2 home runs in the 1st inning bringing in 3 runs and then cleared the bases in the 2nd inning with our first GRAND SLAM!!!! Seeing it like beach balls from the machine Hamish ripped a shot through Left Field that saw all runners score and Hamish over home plate before the ball was even fielded. Great hitting Hamish.
Great also to have Clark back with us and showed he has lost no skills in his time off.