If injured, please notify the Club

To all senior and competitive junior players (U11-U17)
Please notify the club by emailing eagles_baseball@hotmail.com if you know you are going to be unavailable for several weeks of the season due to injury, and preferable provide a medical certificate if you can. Eagles will forward that information to the General Manager of Baseball Canberra, and ask for you to be put on the DL (Disabled List).
Eagles unfortunately has a couple of players (both senior and junior) with significant injuries at the moment. In light of that, I am writing to let everybody know that I am not aware of any way that I can keep a record of injuries in the new registration platform (to use as evidence of injury), and I am trying to think ahead to cover Eagles in terms of eligibilities for finals.
At the end of the season, only eligible players will be allowed to take the field and play in finals. To be eligible for finals, a player must have been a starter in a certain number of games over the course of the season. This information is collated from match reports that scorers submit every week after your games.
However, an injured player can go on the DL if evidence of injury is provided, and that can be used to legitimately claim a player is eligible to play come finals time, even if they missed playing for a large part of the season.
Thanks in advance.
Registrar, for EBC